couple friends… almost as good as propaganda

As much as I love all my friends, there’s a special place in my heart for the couples. Those people who get along with my entire family unit, not just me, or not just Big D. Added bonus if one of the set is an old friend of one of us and can have heart-to-hearts as needed (ie, when one or the other of us is being an idiot).

But, the couple that takes the cake? When both of you get along with both of them, you all have the same sense of humor (or can appreciate same), and one half of the couple can plant seeds in the other half surreptitiously. So when Big D has a man-date with an old friend, both of them can take the other to task for shit they’re pulling in their respective relationships, and both boys can come home and treat their women like gold. Not that I had anything to do with talking to my female counterpart about certain issues, or vice versa. Or that we casually mentioned said problems to our partners. Or that we may have suggested subtly bringing issues up in conversation if it leads there.We’re just worried about our friend and maybe, just maybe, their relationship needs some work.

Completely innocent, I tell you.


One response to “couple friends… almost as good as propaganda

  1. I’m sorry I missed this when it first came our. Can I just tell you – the sentiment goes both ways. 🙂

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