these are the people in my neighborhood

I think I’ve entered a time warp. Think Ozzie and Harriet meets Norman Rockwell. That’s the street on which I live.

Granted, I lived two blocks away for over two years and never realized what was literally right around the bend. Cross the last street before it heads up into the park, curve around the the left, and you’ve entered a different dimension where neighbors actually care about each other, get to know one another, and have weekly block parties in the summer. Is this really 2009 in the city?

We attended our first neighborhood-wide surprise birthday party last night and got to know more of the people in the neighborhood. It was little d’s first exposure to the kids in the neighborhood (since we moved in November and everybody hibernates until spring) and 30 minutes in he was good-naturedly wrestling and dogpiling on the other boys. Miss poopypants charmed the socks off of everyone, and Big D and I were amazed that generosity and kindness among neighbors still exists.

I’m never moving.


One response to “these are the people in my neighborhood

  1. Of COURSE Miss Poopypants charmed the socks off everyone! Even if she didn’t charm them off, she’d at least just pull them off. She’s good like that.

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