running the numbers

In about 2 months of saving, I’m up to $257.00. Because I’m not drinking hot chocolate every day. And I don’t miss that $4.28 a day at all. Perhaps this is a lesson for all you big spenders out there – you too can back away from unnecessary things while the economy is tanking. And I didn’t even lose my job!

In order to keep my excess in check regarding non-hot-chocolate things, I wanted to calculate exactly how much money per drink I could save if I made my latest (and longer-standing) obsession at home. So, here goes:

32 oz of organic chai concentrate is (approximately) $5 a box – don’t have my receipt from my shopping trip last weekend, sorry. According to the box, a serving is considered 4 oz of chai and 4 oz of milk, which is entirely too strong for me. But we’ll go with it for the sake of argument. That works out to 16 cents an ounce.

128 oz of organic 2% milk is $5.69 – let’s round up and say $6 after tax. Which works out to 5 cents an ounce.

So, 4 oz of chai and 4 oz of milk is one 8 oz serving – 81 cents a serving. 9 cents an ounce, right?

A small in your friendly neighborhood spiderman… I mean coffee store… is over 25 cents an ounce. The large works out to over 19 cents an ounce.


Is the welcoming smile and foam on top worth the extra 10-14 cents an ounce? I don’t think so.


One response to “running the numbers

  1. That’s one expensive cup of hot chocolate!!

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