Monthly Archives: March 2009

running the numbers

In about 2 months of saving, I’m up to $257.00. Because I’m not drinking hot chocolate every day. And I don’t miss that $4.28 a day at all. Perhaps this is a lesson for all you big spenders out there – you too can back away from unnecessary things while the economy is tanking. And I didn’t even lose my job!

In order to keep my excess in check regarding non-hot-chocolate things, I wanted to calculate exactly how much money per drink I could save if I made my latest (and longer-standing) obsession at home. So, here goes:

32 oz of organic chai concentrate is (approximately) $5 a box – don’t have my receipt from my shopping trip last weekend, sorry. According to the box, a serving is considered 4 oz of chai and 4 oz of milk, which is entirely too strong for me. But we’ll go with it for the sake of argument. That works out to 16 cents an ounce.

128 oz of organic 2% milk is $5.69 – let’s round up and say $6 after tax. Which works out to 5 cents an ounce.

So, 4 oz of chai and 4 oz of milk is one 8 oz serving – 81 cents a serving. 9 cents an ounce, right?

A small in your friendly neighborhood spiderman… I mean coffee store… is over 25 cents an ounce. The large works out to over 19 cents an ounce.


Is the welcoming smile and foam on top worth the extra 10-14 cents an ounce? I don’t think so.


stress? what stress?

Days and days and possibly a couple of weeks have gone by and I’ve wanted to start about 10 different posts. Can I remember them when I get to the computer? Heck no. Apparently Alzheimer’s starts in your early thirties when you have two kids, are managing two houses, and are juggling more cars than drivers in your family.

But! There is a light at the end of the tunnel. And I actually am starting to doubt that it’s an oncoming train. My parents’ house is on the market as of today. We’ve sold one extra car, and traded in the other extra one for one that actually makes sense for our family (and that I have to actively fight Big D over if I want to drive). The kids are still present and crazy as ever, though little d improved his behavior considerably when he realized we weren’t kidding when we told him we’d lock his toys away if we had to. And I’m starting to get back on track at work, instead of maniacally clawing my way through the piles of papers in an effort to not get buried too deeply.

My point? I’ve found that my cravings for the chocolate beast and its bastard chai stepchild have gone down a bit. My escape from the unending stress over the last few months has been walking into a calming commercial space with an espresso-tinted breeze wafting by. The uniformly friendly people taking way too much of my money for a drink I could make at home if I really wanted to. The decadent pastries that satisfy my unending sweet tooth for only 2 bucks a pop. It’s five minutes of not thinking of the weight bearing down on my shoulders, which is all I would allot myself in a workday, a weekend, a week. Now that I have a little time to breathe and, heaven forbid, reflect, I find I don’t need to go there as often.

But, whole paycheck? That’s another story completely. I don’t think I will ever be able to shed my addiction to food porn. Thank <insert your deity of choice here> the French organic chocolate truffles are seasonal.