am I switching one for the other?

Why my children decided to both wake up multiple times during the night, never at the same time, and wear both Big D and me the crap out is beyond me. Scooby Doo-based nightmares are the pits, as are babies who are so excited that they are now mobile that they feel compelled to show you at FOUR O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING. I couldn’t go into work this morning; I would have been useless. I’m hoping to caffeinate myself to functionality by lunchtime so it’s not a completely wasted use of my leave time.

Which brings me to my thought of the day – I may be good at avoiding hot chocolate temptation, but I seem to be switching it up for a chai latte crutch. Which, from a calorie perspective, is not nearly as bad. From a wallet perspective, there’s only a slightly smaller ding to the pocketbook. Not so good. We’ve been through a rash of winter colds and it was the perfect thing to clear out my sinuses on any given day. Now with neither child sleeping through the night on a regular basis, it’s becoming an imperative in the morning. Or during the day at work. Or as a ‘fun thing to do’ when I’m out of the house on a grocery run. It’s fast becoming my latest fad.

If only we could get the steamer thingie on the used espresso/cappuccino machine we picked up to work right – then the cost would go down dramatically and I could excise my guilt. That’s the theory, at least.


One response to “am I switching one for the other?

  1. Maybe you could make up some rule, like “once a week” for chai/hot chocolate…then drink tea the rest of the time. But speaking as someone with her own personal caffeine crutch (Diet Pepsi, and I know, I know, artificial sweeteners are the devil, lol), I wouldn’t try to deprive yourself, otherwise you’ll just drink twice as much when you give yourself the chance.

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