i caved.

I did it. I caved. Took me several weeks (ok, maybe not several… unless two can be considered several. Can it?) but I finally caved. Celebrating Presidents’ Day can do that to a girl. Set her free without kids on a day that she doesn’t have to work and damn – watch out.

But, with my standard shitty luck, they were out of sea salt. They had to dig for regular old table salt, but that just wasn’t the same. Sure, the initial taste was amazing, but it soon lost its luster. And since I was good (relatively speaking) and got a small, by the time I got down to the end, the yummy dregs of caramel and sea salt and chocolate were, quite frankly, nasty. It’s strange how much rain can fall on your parade when iodized salt is involved. My drink-on-a-pedestal just got knocked down a few pegs.

Karma? You’re a bitch.


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