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am I switching one for the other?

Why my children decided to both wake up multiple times during the night, never at the same time, and wear both Big D and me the crap out is beyond me. Scooby Doo-based nightmares are the pits, as are babies who are so excited that they are now mobile that they feel compelled to show you at FOUR O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING. I couldn’t go into work this morning; I would have been useless. I’m hoping to caffeinate myself to functionality by lunchtime so it’s not a completely wasted use of my leave time.

Which brings me to my thought of the day – I may be good at avoiding hot chocolate temptation, but I seem to be switching it up for a chai latte crutch. Which, from a calorie perspective, is not nearly as bad. From a wallet perspective, there’s only a slightly smaller ding to the pocketbook. Not so good. We’ve been through a rash of winter colds and it was the perfect thing to clear out my sinuses on any given day. Now with neither child sleeping through the night on a regular basis, it’s becoming an imperative in the morning. Or during the day at work. Or as a ‘fun thing to do’ when I’m out of the house on a grocery run. It’s fast becoming my latest fad.

If only we could get the steamer thingie on the used espresso/cappuccino machine we picked up to work right – then the cost would go down dramatically and I could excise my guilt. That’s the theory, at least.


i caved.

I did it. I caved. Took me several weeks (ok, maybe not several… unless two can be considered several. Can it?) but I finally caved. Celebrating Presidents’ Day can do that to a girl. Set her free without kids on a day that she doesn’t have to work and damn – watch out.

But, with my standard shitty luck, they were out of sea salt. They had to dig for regular old table salt, but that just wasn’t the same. Sure, the initial taste was amazing, but it soon lost its luster. And since I was good (relatively speaking) and got a small, by the time I got down to the end, the yummy dregs of caramel and sea salt and chocolate were, quite frankly, nasty. It’s strange how much rain can fall on your parade when iodized salt is involved. My drink-on-a-pedestal just got knocked down a few pegs.

Karma? You’re a bitch.

I’m neglecting little d!

I just noticed that miss poopypants and Big D have bigger font sizes on their tags than does little d – which means that I’ve mentioned them more than him lately. As little d would say (if he were that kind of kid), “that’s so not fair, mommy!”

Even though he’s only in Kindergarten, he’s troubling his teacher with his lack of work ethic and focus. I can already hear the future teachers saying “if he would only live up to his potential…” Grrr. I’m at a complete loss. Both Big D and I were overachievers in school – you didn’t have to try to motivate us, we were already way too gung-ho. To have a kid who just isn’t that interested in learning for the hell of it makes us scratch our heads. We’ve tried threats, cajoling, negotiation, guilt, etc. Nothing really seems to click with him.

But our afternoon was great. His announcement that he didn’t get sent to the principal’s office AND that he didn’t have extra homework to do because he farted around in class was met with jubilation. We decided to play hooky from homework for a little while and enjoy the unseasonably warm weather; he in his cool faux shearling lined Buzz Lightyear hoodie, me in my overly bright green down vest. Couldn’t quite convince him to check out the Italian grocery store with me, but the bakery is always a hit. Brownies to eat now, M&M chocolate chip cookies to have later. Score one for mommy for graciously taking the cookies that were slightly disfigured from being at the bottom of the pile – half off a dozen cookies when they taste exactly the same is fine with me. Next door to the coffee shop (where one cookie is almost two bucks; compare that with my dozen at $2.50 and compliment me on my frugality, please!) for drinks and conversation. I often forget how bright he is, how completely random his thoughts are, and how much I miss our one on one time. It was just the two of us for almost two years, and although I love how our family has expanded, little d and I will always have some memories of Just the Two of Us. Afternoons with milk and cookies, just the two of us, remind me of just how special my big kid is.

is it wrong that I’m staring at my baby’s naked behind?

I’m sorry, but naked baby butts are too damn cute. No, I’m not a pedophile. I swear.

A great friend (with a kick ass camera and eye for using it) has become our Official Family Photographer. Her mission this past weekend? Make the baby look as cute as Cupid. Maybe I’m biased, but I don’t think she had much to worry about.

miss poopypants in a (rare) moment of rest:


And, although I’m hoping this one doesn’t portend a career as a porn star, she does have a cute butt:


In other news, I know I have been remiss in my drink and savings posts…. wrestling with a certain finance-charge-happy bank who shall remain nameless is not helping matters. But I solder on! Updates to come tomorrow, I swear.