cynicism needs a day off.

I live with an incredibly cynical man. He won’t tell me for whom he voted, though he did disclose that he didn’t vote for McCain. He loves to rain on the Obama parade, telling everyone within earshot that he hopes Obama will live up to his expectations, and that he doesn’t want to be wrong, but he’s too much like all the others for him to get truly excited about him.

This is getting old. I love the man, but come on, we now have a President who can speak in FULL SENTENCES and knows how to correctly pronounce the word ‘nuclear.’ I am so relieved that the guy with the nuke codes is smarter than I am.

Plus our country voted a man in who 50 years ago might have gotten attacked by hoses and dogs had he been in a protest. Who 100 years ago might have been swinging from a tree by his neck. Who 150 years ago would have been someone’s property. The people who can look past skin color in this country trumped the racist assholes. I can tell my kids that it’s what inside that counts, and believe it when I say it.

Who wouldn’t be hopeful about that?


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