this is what I get for having too many comments on facebook.

I’ve committed myself to vanquishing the evil that is the $4+ dollar ridiculously tasty hot chocolate at a certain unnamed national coffee chain.

Of course I was stupid enough to complain about such a thing on my facebook status. Which garnered more comments than any other status update I’ve done (except for the one about the toothless homeless guy. But I’m not talking about that here – yet). So now I’m stuck, and need to be accountable to my friends, or never show my face on facebook again. Metaphorically speaking.

So I’ve had my last $4.28 (with tax) drink today. I savored the caramel and sea salt and blend of European chocolates sliding down my gullet. And I decided it wasn’t worth giving up over $1,000 this year to have that drink every day any more.

To prove my point, for every day I don’t get the aforementioned beverage, I will put $4.28 cents into a handy-dandy internet-based savings account with a decent rate of return. If I crack (and I fully anticipate I will at times, stress is a constant companion these days), I’ll feel guilty enough to put double the amount aside – $8.56. I’ll make regular updates on the progress of both my sanity and my bank account.

And since posts about liquid chocolate abstinence on their own aren’t much fun, I reserve the right to discuss whatever else I might feel like, including my kids and my spousal equivalent. Though I’m hoping beyond hope that I don’t turn into a Mommy Blogger.

There it is – my statement to the world. Hold me accountable, people!


One response to “this is what I get for having too many comments on facebook.

  1. I think the best way to get comments in Facebook is to ask a question.Your audience can give you quick feedback and it can spark a conversation.People are hard-wired to answer questions. It’s why four year olds get away with asking so many questions.Relevant and on-topic questions get people talking and offering opinions more.

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